August 4, 2020

Our dog, Georgie, guarding some of my mask collection

I read that there are thousands (millions?) of people across this country who refuse to wear a mask. Over here, in my little corner of West LA, I’m doing my part to counteract that.

I own so many masks. I have a black mask, and a blue one, and an orangey-red one. I have one with cranberry flowered fabric and blue lace straps that slide over the neck and the back of the head. I have two or three tie-dyed ones with cotton straps that loop over the ears. I just opened a mail packet to find two masks inside, one white with embroidered flowers, the other one pink-checked. I have no idea when I ordered these things. I must have thought I lacked that pink gingham touch around my mouth?

Honestly, on any given day around here, you can open up an Amazon-delivered pouch to find new, random masks inside.

Mostly they’re for me. The boys seem to rotate between one or two cloth masks, even though I insist that’s not sanitary. Sarah has a cute collection of satiny white and black ones with swirly patterns, but half the time she uses disposables because she can’t find any of the others. And Bill always uses disposables. We keep a tray of them by the front door, for grab and go. I don’t think they’re eco-conscious, but I purchased the tray when the boxes of them kept appearing, and looked so unattractive on the entry way table. I guess that makes me an enabler.

I suppose I keep hoping that if my mask looks cheery, or at least attractive, it will sweeten the reason for wearing it. To me, those disposable masks look like defeat, like an ugly, paper, medicinal concession to the virus (I also think they have a chemical smell, and wonder what I’m doing to my body if I inhale that every day). I also hold out this hope that somewhere out there is the Perfect Mask — the one that won’t fog up glasses, or slide down until the tip of my nose is practically poking out, or make it prohibitive for me to breath and talk at the same time.

I’m still looking for the mask of my dreams, but if you’re curious, here are links to two of my favorites so far:

Tie-dye from Everlane, which also has plain ones (Liam says these are his favorites) —

Designer masks, from Michael Stars. On the pricey side, but boy, are they comfy, and do they fit well! —

Any masks you love? Leave a comment and tell me about it. I’m always happy to add to my collection!

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