Day 44: Mother’s Day

May 10, 2020

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I have two awesome mothers in my life — my mom, who’s put up with my shenanigans since the day I was born, and my mother-in-law, who makes me feel at home, even though I lured her baby boy all the way from Syracuse to L.A.

I love both of them very much. I am also, on this Mother’s Day, so so tired after cleaning the house all day yesterday, then folding laundry until I stumbled off to bed. So this will be short and sweet.

Mom: one benefit of this quarantine is you’re stuck in town with me. It’s so jarring when one of the kids does something absolutely infuriating, or someone agrees to publish my writing, or the dog has a vet emergency, and I pick up the phone because I just need to tell someone, right away, without having to explain the background or the circumstances or any mitigating factors, but you’re in Thailand or Paris or somewhere else, and I can email you (not nearly the same instant gratification) or wait until you get back. Thank you for holding my hand, literally, and then figuratively, every day of my life.

Nancy: I wish you were here so we could at least see you from six feet away. I never dreamed 3,000 miles could feel so distant. But at least we can still share the joys of “The Crown” over the phone. Thanks for raising such a great son — for being an active, involved grandma despite living across the country — and for always –always! — making time to listen to my rambling stories.

Wishing the two of them, and all of you, a great Mother’s Day.

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